There's a side to every school that exists beyond the classroom, exams, and grades; the side of a school that's defined by its passion and enthusiasm lasting in the hearts of alumni long after graduation. At Rutgers University, that passion is found in all its award-winning sports teams, and especially in their devoted fans.

Since 1988, Steve Ostergren has owned and operated Scarlet Fever, the unofficial spirit store and home for Rutgers-related clothing and memorabilia. A staple of Somerset Street, it's visited by every student before graduation. Shop online with us, and recapture the excitement of picking up a jersey and hat before tailgaiting and cheering for New Jersey's best.

A graduate of the College of Engineering and proud Cap and Skull member, Steve was Rutgers' most enthusiastic fan, wearing the famed Scarlet Knight suit and traveling with the team to every game. Drawing inspiration from the campuses and stores he visited, he has continued to give back to not only Rutgers, but New Jersey's communities. Scarlet Fever has donated almost $200,000 to the Eric LeGrand and Hurricane Sandy funds.

Support Scarlet Fever, where the season never ends!

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